Mickey Mouse Shaped Cushion Just ₹ 275 Only

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Perfect gift for your kids, Gift them the popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse shaped Cushion at Just ₹ 275 only & feel the happiness of your kids from inner heart.

Grab it now before it gets expired.

Mickey Mouse Cushion  at Just  ₹ 275  Only

How to get Mickey Mouse Shaped Cushion at Just ₹ 275 ?

Product Description :

Micky Shaped Cushion

Mickey Comic Strip- Mickey is hanging out with friends! Soft embellished and fully detailed 3D Mickey head shaped cushion. Come and join Mickey and his friends. Yippee! Your child Will be definitely happy to have it. This colourful cushion make it more appealing and bring out the beautiful Cartoon Micky Mouse. The cushion is made of silk fabric and it gives a smooth, bright feel and look. This cushion cover can be cleaned in the machine and is easy to maintain.

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