Mini Tripod for Cameras at Just Rs.75 Only (Free Shipping)

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Zoomin brings this amazing offer, Now improve your photos with new mini tripod at lowest prices. Get it now at Just Rs.75 Only (Including Shipping). By Using Zooming Coupon 24HOURS you can get this deal.


Mini Tripod at Just Rs.75 Only

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Ever been in a situation where you want to use the ‘Self-timer’ feature on your camera to get a photo of the group, but just can’t find a good spot on which you can rest your camera? Or have you ever wished to use a tripod to help gain some much needed stability on your photo, but never wanted to burden yourself with all the weight? Have no fear! We have just the product for you!

A solution to most of your photographic problems, this mini tripod fits into your pocket quite easily and is quite sturdy as well. It’s quite capable of taking on the weights of most of the basic Point and Shoot cameras as well as the more advanced Travel Zoom and Bridge variants.

If you’re looking for something really handy and wouldn’t want to bother with all the worlds weight, this little guy is just for you!

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