USB Flexible Folding Waterproof Keyboard For Laptop at Just Rs.249 Only

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Waterproof, dust-proof and coffee-proof, the Flexible Keyboard is a handy marvel that lets you spill all sorts over your keyboard and carry on typing and easy to use,You can even roll this flexible silicone keyboard up like an enchilada and it will still be fine and dandy when it unravels. Now you can get USB Flexible Folding Waterproof Keyboard For Laptop worth Rs.590 at Just Rs.249 Only with shipping charges included. Hurry Up!!


How to get USB Flexible Folding Waterproof Keyboard Just Rs.249 Only ?


Completely waterproof! Withstands spills, splashes and moisture
Flexible, roll it up and carry it with your laptop
Helps eliminate RSI (it’s flat, not raised up at an angle)
Child friendly great for messy kids and sticky fingers
Soft and safe to use in a variety of hostile environments
Ideal for studio use with open microphones
Air cushioned silent keys
USB friendly
Roll it up and Take it With You!
It’s manufactured in highly durable fully sealed silicone, making it ideal for extreme weather conditions. Heck, your roll-up keyboard even works under water should the need arise. While no sharp edges and soft comfortable keys mean that this cool portable keyboard not only fits comfortably in your briefcase or rucksack, it’s great for kids too. Even the keys are silent!
The shift away from traditional hard keyboards also means that this flexible USB keyboard is built with a low design which creates an ergonomic work posture. This encourages straight wrists, minimises wrist flexing and reduces the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
So who would want one? Anyone working in a harsh or industrial environment where liquids and dust are present would do well to get themselves kitted out with one of these. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t look the business on your desk at home. A combination of their stylish design and inherent practicality make the Flexible Keyboard a gadget lover’s drea
Heres the specs.
USB 2.0 compliant
Light weight
LED idicators
Made of Silicone, Waterproof

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