Vlcc Lip Shield Mint 10 Ml at just Rs.51 for Men & Women

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Tradus.com is here and today they are offering Vlcc Lip Care Shield Mint 10 Ml for Men & Women Product Weight 15g worth Rs.95 at just Rs.51 only.

Vlcc Lip Shield Mint 10 Ml at just Rs.51 for Men & Women

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Summer warms the globe, lets the frozen waters run and the flowers hidden bloom but it also dries the the moisture balance of human skin and accelerates darkening of skin complexion. Protect your pink lips with this VLCC Lip Shield Mintso you always have lips that are a sweet pink and you look more gorgeous by the day.Enriched with SPF 10, this lip balm will keep your lips shielded so your skin does not darken under the harsh rays of the sun. VLCC has perfected this lip care formula to suit dry lips and keep them nourished because almond oil and vitamin E are rich and nourishing ingredients that will keep your lips soft and well hydrated to fight damage and dryness. Ideal for all skin types, this lip balm will scent your lips with the refreshing fragrance of mint so every word you speak will be covered with a fresh aroma. The lip balm has been formulated for both men and women and will be a handy tool to keep with you at all times.

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